Liven Up Your Ramadan With a Ramadan Bulletin Board!

Back in 2006, I put up our very first Ramadan Bulletin Board. It was amazing how much that got us into the Ramadan mood. I try to make one in some shape or fashion each year, inshaa Allah.

What Goes On a Ramadan Bulletin Board?
Never put up a Ramadan bulletin board before? Check out some ideas here.

Ramadan Bulletin Board Printables

Several years ago, a good friend of mine (Umm Abdul Basir) and I put together printables for a Ramadan bulletin board.

Below is an example of some of the elements that were made.

Make Ramadan "Come Alive" with a Ramadan Bulletin Board

A Ramadan bulletin board can really help get the house into a more festive mood and they are excellent learning/review tools.

You can stop by the collaborative blog of Umm Abdul Basir and I, Islamic Bulletin Boards, to download the bulletin board elements you see above and more!

Do you put up a Ramadan bulletin board?

If so, and you have pictures of it online, please leave your link in the comments section to share with others for inspiration.

Originally posted 7/25/11

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