Activity & Coloring Pages for Ramadan & Eid

Coloring Books

My Little Ramadan Book Coloring Book (New Edition for 2018)

Ramadan Coloring Book  - originally posted from Salafi Sisters

Ramadan Coloring Book

Coloring & Activity Pages

Children and Fasting

Toys Activity Page - The Companions used to give the children toys to play with to keep them occupied during the fasting day. This activity is about toys in general.

Command to Fast

Command to Fast Coloring Page A-  friend of mine cut it apart and used in a lapbook:
Command to Fast Ramadan Coloring Pagecommand-to-fast


Duaa for Host Coloring Page | Duaa for Host # 2

Eidul Fitr

Fast of a Traveler

Fast of a Traveler Coloring Page (part of the 30 day It's Ramadan! Curriculum)


Iftaar Draw and Trace

There are two versions; the first for younger kids and the second for a little older kids.

hastening to break the fast

Layl/Laylatul Qadr

Layl (Night) Scene

Masjids (Masajid)

Masjid Coloring Page from (online coloring)

Masjid Coloring Page 2 -

Masjid Coloring Page 3 -

Masjid coloring page from EduPics


Crescent Moon Coloring Page (off site at - great for preschoolers
Crescent Moon and Clouds Coloring Page (offsite)

Ramadan Activity Packs

Ramadan Activity Packs from Umm Maimoonah Records. There are two packs and a teaching resource pack. You do not want to miss this cute resource! There are now 2 packs and there are parent/teaching notes.

Ramadan Activity  Book from A Muslim Child is Born - You don't want to miss this, great for the little kids;  75 pages.


Can you build healthy suhoor meals? (New 2018)

 Can you make good suhoor choices? Circle the foods that are good to eat for suhoor (New 2018)

Suhoor Notebooking Pages - 2 versions. Trace or write a hadith pertaining to suhoor and draw and color a healthy suhoor, trace the word suhoor in English.


Taraweeh Prayer Rugs - design and color


Online Ramadan Coloring Pages at
Themes: boy eating date, family, friendship, mosque, praying, reading Quraan (they do contain faces)

Do contain faces and one is the crescent and star which I have read should not be used as a symbol of Islam due to it's pagan origins, but it does have some nice masjid pics and the people can be defaced in Paint or similar program, in sha Allah.

Coloring and Activity Pages fro Islamic Comics

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