Tips for Setting Up a Ramadan Schedule

Tips for Creating a Ramadan Schedule

(From 2014): I'm just now getting into the Ramadan organization mode and sat down today to try to put together a schedule for our Ramadan days.  I find that they are more productive when we have some sort of schedule in place even if it is only loosely made or followed.  

Here are a few tips/things to consider when setting up your Ramadan daily schedule:

1. Set up a regularly scheduled time to prepare sahoor
2. Set up a regularly scheduled time to wake up the rest of the fasters
3. Decide on post sahoor/post fajr activities:
Go back to sleep
Recite Quraan
4. Set up a time to wake nonfasters
5. Set up a time for nonfasters’ meals and snack times
6. Decide on regular afternoon activities (read quraan, school work, etc)
7. Set up regular time for reading quraan (juz a day or whatever you choose)
8. Set up a regular time for preparing iftaar
9. Decide on normal after dinner activities (read quraan, housework, family time, etc).
10. Set up appropriate bedtimes for each family member

11. Set up a time to do any needed prep for suhoor to make the next morning go more smoothly, in shaa Allah.

Sample Ramadan Routine

  • Wake Up/Say Duaa for Waking Up/Make Wudhu/Pray Tahajjud
  • Prepare/Eat Suhoor
  • Pray Salatul Fajr
  • Read or Memorize Quraan (family members can take turns reading)
  • Clean up
  • Brief Ramadan family meeting (discuss how fasting is going so far in the month, discuss what the day's plan is, read an Islamic article, read Quraan together)
  • Free Time or Nap
  • Non-faster (kids) wake up/eat breakfast/get dressed/clean up
  •    Learning Activities, such as from TJ Ramadan :)
  • Pray Dhuhr/Lunch for non-fasters
  • Nap for little ones (and fasters if desired)
  • Pray Asr
  • Read Quraan or Ramadan related articles or story or ahadith or Ramadan Craft
  • Clean Up; Get Dates/water ready for breaking fast
  • Break the Fast
  • Pray Salatul Maghrib
  • Eat Dinner
  • Clean up
  • Pray Isha
  • Brief Ramadan Family meeting (discuss how fasting day went; review meal plan(make sure have everything for next day’s suhoor); review behavior charts
  • Free Time/Read Quraan/Clean Up/Bedtime for younger children
  • Prep for suhoor in the morning, if needed
  • Go to Bed 
If you have a facebook account, you can get some more inspiration from the sister at Creative Motivations' wonderful schedule for her family.

Schedule Templates

Kids Ramadan Schedule Template - template for kids to write down their daily schedule; sections of time divided by prayers

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