Lunar Month Chart and Duaa for Sighting Crescent Moon

Learning about the moon phases is a useful activity.  In the past, we've learned about the 8 moon phases and how to identify them by sight and name. Making a moon observation journal and recording the appearance daily is a great way to see how the moon looks throughout the Islamic month.

But I was always also looking for a printable that already showed what the moon looked like each day of the lunar month.  I came across one online and I thought it would be great to post up on our Ramadan bulletin board this year. I included it in a board display and decided to include the duaa for sighting the crescent moon.

I wrote in numbers corresponding to each day of the lunar month  (in the Northern hemisphere, I think you would have to go counter-clockwise for the southern hemisphere????)

The duaa for sighting the crescent moon graphics/text was taken from a reference sheet in my Ramadan Organizer:

You can find the link for the circular moon phase chart at my Islamic Moon Phases Pinterest board below (as well as more resources for learning about the moon phases:

and also see my Moon Phases tag here at TJ Ramadan!

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