Countdown to Ramadan (and Eid!)

There's nothing like a Ramadan bulletin board to get people thinking about Ramadan. I finally got around to starting ours this year. The first thing I put up was a countdown to Ramadan poster that I made this year.....

...and sure enough, it got us talking about Ramadan and its approach. This poster contains digits cards to cut out and I made a little pocket to hold the cards. I laminated the poster, number cards, and pocket for durability.I attach the numbers to the poster with velcro dots.

We've had it up for a couple of days and the kids get a kick out of changing the numbers in the morning.

I thought while I was at it, I would make a similar poster for Eidul Fitr:

To make them "pop" you can have the kids color in the white spaces (which I had intended but to do but my kids are not too often in a coloring mood, so we're going with black and white).

Download Countdown to Ramadan and Eid Posters 

Other Countdown Ideas

Ramadan Countdown Chain
Count down the days until Ramadan by making a Ramadan Countdown Chain. 

Cut out the strips and link together to form a chain. Tear off a chain each day.

Print out on colored paper to make your chain "pop." If you want each chain to be a different color, make the chains by hand instead.

One year, we draped our chain across our Ramadan Bulletin Board

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