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TJ Ramadan 2006 Daily Journal 
The journal below was the very first Ramadan Journal that I made back in 2006! It is styled in a newsletter format and can be used year to year (student writes in the date).

Lots of goodies inside:

  • It has sections where your child can write or draw what they had for suhoor and iftaar, and what they good deeds they did that day.
  • It has a checklist for recording which prayers were made and if Quraan was read that day.
  • There is an ayaah or hadith that they can use for copywork
  • Finally, there is a writing activity and each day features a creative writing prompt to help get those writing juices flowing.
It is correlated with "It's Ramadan" Activities but the journal can be used on its own.

Ready to unleash some Ramadan productivity for the kids? Download the journal today!

Ramadan Journal Template

On the template, as you might be able to see, your child can:
  • copy down an ayaah/hadith of the day.
  • write or draw what they had for suhoor and what they broke their fast with
  • write good deeds they may have done
  • write what quraan they read
  • jot down their thoughts about the day, or other things such as memorable events

And there's a cover:

Ramadan Journal Cover

The year before last, I printed the cover out on colored cardstock and wow....

Ramadan Journal Cover

they really popped!

One of my Ramadan journal templates, this one from 2011.

As with all of my templates, you can use them from year to year as your student/child writes in the date. This template is a 2 page template that can be printed back to back.

The first page includes a place to record moon sightings and checklists for activities completed throughout the day. The second page consists of a place to reflect upon the day.

Ramadan JournalRamadan Journal

And there's a cover:
Print the cover out on colored cardstock and it instantly transforms into a sturdy, fun looking journal!

Ramadan Journal Template - from 2013 (4/2018 - trying to locate this file)
Ramadan Journal Template

Kids can record:
  • wake up and sleep times
  • what was eaten for suhoor and to break their fast, how much water they drank before and after fasting
  • what they did during the day
  • what the moon looks like
  • and how their day went

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