Ramadan Crafts

Karima's Crafts - Ramadan Crafts - you'll probably want to make this your first Ramadan craft stop if you haven't already discovered it.

101 Funtastic Ramadan Crafts and Activities - another great one.

Ramadan Crafts Book 2007 - compiled by Umm Nassim for TJ Ramadan  

Features 25 Ramadan/Islamic themed crafts; includes illustrations and instructions.

Includes the following crafts: ABC’s of Ramadan, Calendar Chain, Date Chain, Elegant Candle, Dates from Tree to Table, Fanoos, High Ceiling Mosaic, Henna Cones, Henna Hands, Illuminated Masjid, Magnets, Mobile: Masjid, Mobile: Masjid II, Mobile: Moon and Stars, Moon over Mecca, Mosaic Sun Catcher, Patchwork Skirt, Pillars of Islam, Prayer Rug Patterns, Ramadan Journal, Ramadan Calendar, Ramadan Calendar II, Ramadan Collage, Ramadan Diorama

Majlis Craft from Umm Abdul Basir Wordpress - Wow!

Prayer Rug Magnets - from Abdul Basir Wordpress

Ramadan 3D Letters - from Umm Abdul Basir Wordpress

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