What Goes on a Ramadan Bulletin Board?

Things to Put On A Ramadan Bulletin Board
A bulletin board for Ramadan is a fun way to get everyone in the mood for Ramadan. The board can also act as a great review or learning tool for Ramadan related concepts.

In addition, it can become your Ramadan control center where you post useful information (such as charts and menus) to help keep the family informed and on track for Ramadan.

Below, I've compiled a list of ideas for things to make your Ramadan bulletin board a useful tool for decorating, educating, and stimulating family members during the Ramadan "season."
  • Ramadan calendar; Ramadan count down calendar or chains
  • Duaa for sighting the crescent moon
  • Ayaat in the Quraan for the Command to Fast
  • Family menu plans (for suhoor and iftaar)
  • Fasting trackers (charts to help keep track of the days fasted/missed during Ramadan)
  • Kids' Ramadan artwork
  • List of Ramadan family goals for each family member
  • List or poster of good deeds that kids can do throughout the day
  • Duaa for breaking the fast
  • Reminders of things that break the fast (get a cute mobile for this from IBB)
  • Ramadan Quotes (related ayaat and ahadith)
  • Ramadan writing prompts list or calendar
  • Ramadan related sight/vocabulary list
  • Moon phase chart or poster/moon phase observation chart (see Moon Phase Resources)
  • Ibaadah tracker (record deeds during the day) - Visit IBB for templates
  • How to Fast Chart/Poster ( Pick up a neat Fasting day wheel that shows what is done during a day of fasting from IBB)

Do you put up a Ramadan Bulletin Board? 

If so, what else do you include? Why not keep the ball (of ideas) rolling by sharing with others in the comment section?

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