Ramadan "Kickoff" Meeting

For those of you for whom the blessed month of Ramadan has not yet reached (or even if it has), here are some agenda items you can use  for a Ramadan "Kickoff" Family Meeting, insha Allah:
  • Go outside and try to sight the crescent moon, then record on moon phase journal; recite the duaa for sighting the crescent moon
  • Discuss wake up times and bedtimes
  • Discuss what your days will be like; come up with a schedule/routine
  • Discuss suhoor and what a good suhoor consists of
  • Make meal plans (if you haven't already)
  • Discuss examples of good deeds and things to do during the day
  • Set Ramadan goals and record
  • Set alarm clocks
  • Make crescent cookies or have a special treat to end your meeting!

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