It's Ramadan! 30 Day Ramadan Curriculum

Back in 2006, I came up with a curriculum for my kids with lessons for each day of Ramadan called "It's Ramadan!"

We had a lot of fun with the curriculum and used it a few times afterward.   You can download the original materials below. A lot of the links to the supplemental sources are not longer working, but you should still be able to follow along with the lessons and I'm working to make sure that all the supplemental material I made can be found here.  If Allah wills, I hope to soon remake the lessons.

Here is an outline of the day to day lessons:

Shaban 28/29/30
The Approach of Ramadan, Sighting the Moon
Ramadan 1:
Fasting During Ramadan/How to Fast
Ramadan 2:
A Day of Fasting
Ramadan 3:
Why Do We Fast During Ramadan?
Ramadan 4:
Ramadan in History
Ramadan 5:
The Importance of Suhoor/Good Suhoor Choices
Ramadan 6:
Examining and Improving our Suhoor Choices
Ramadan 7
Common Medical Problems During Fasting/Remedies
Ramadan 8:
Fast of the Traveler
Ramadan 9:
What Breaks Your Fast?
Ramadan 10:
Handling Anger/Controlling Speech 
Ramadan 11:
Children and Fasting
Ramadan 12:
Iftar: The Importance of Hastening It
Ramadan 13:
Eating at Someone’s House During Ramadan
Ramadan 14:
Salatul Taraweeh
Ramadan 15:
The Benefits of Fasting
Ramadan 16:
Laylatul Qadr
Ramadan 17:
Battle of Badr
Ramadan 18:
The Last Ten Days of Ramadan
Ramadan 19:
Ramadan 20:
Fasting Other Than Ramadan
Ramadan 21:
Good Deeds and Sadaqah
Ramadan 22:
Preparing for Eid I
Ramadan 23:
Planning and Making a Ramadan Dinner
Ramadan 24:
Zakatul Fitr
Ramadan 25:
Ramadan Around the World I
Ramadan 26:
Ramadan Around the World II
Ramadan 27:
Ramadan Around the World III
Ramadan 28:
Preparing for  Eid II
Ramadan 29:
Preparing for Eid III
Ramadan 30:
How the Companions Celebrated Eid

Download the Calendar that shows the day by day topics:
It's Ramadan Curriculum Calendar

Download the PDF of the 30 days' of lessons:

It's Ramadan Curriculum

I also created a Ramadan Journal that is coordinated to follow along with the lessons:
Ramadan Daily Journal
If you follow the curriculum and  have trouble finding the supplemental resources, you can leave a comment or email me and I'll try to get you the links to the material or make sure they are reposted here, in shaa Allah.

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