12 May 2018

Ramadan Counting On Math Worksheets

Sherrie W

I introduced the concept of "counting on" to my youngest this week  and as I was making up some handwritten worksheets, I  thought it would be neat to make up some little Ramadan themed counting on worksheets.

Since my daughter loves "do a dot" daubers, I decided to incorporate their use into the worksheets.

In the first set, a child says how many are in the first box (they can count them, but I am trying to have my daughter recognize the quantity by sight----subitization). Then they count on with the number of items in the second box. Finally, they daub the digit that corresponds to the total number of items in both boxes.
Download Set 1 (2 worksheets)

The second set is similar to the first except no picture is shown in the first box, just a numeral and they count on from that numeral.

Download Set 2 (2 worksheets)

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