Family Meetings During Ramadan

Years ago, I started having daily family meetings during Ramadan with my kids.  They were a way we could review various topics during Ramadan and a way to get our days off to a good start and a great way to provide reminders.  Below are some of the resources that I develop as a result of our meetings.

Kickoff Meetings

The Ramadan Kickoff Meeting - On the first night of Ramadan, I like to try to have a meeting to get everyone psyched up (and prepared) for the first day of fasting the next day. Here you'll find some ideas of things you can include in such a meeting.

  • Our 2015 Ramadan Kickoff Meeting - basically this is an outline of our meeting that year. (But very detailed). Check it out for ideas (I'll probably end up using it again this year, in shaa Allah)

Morning Meetings

Ramadan Morning Meeting Sample Outline - I like to try to start out our Ramadan days with a morning meeting. This one is more or less like the morning meetings that early learners might do in school. If you have older children, you can drop some of the more academic stuff and use it as a way to start off the Ramadan day with reminders, a look at the day's schedule, discuss expections, etc etc etc.

Ramadan Family Meeting Agendas

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