10 March 2017

What Breaks the Fast?

Sherrie W


Does it Break the Fast? - DuSunnah.com has a nice 2 page PDF that answers important questions about fasting and then includes a table with different actions and states whether or not those actions break the fast. (link updated 4/30/18)

Worksheets & Activities

Does it Break the Fast? Worksheet - A simple worksheet for older students to complete (it contains mature subject matter)
Does it Break the Fast? Worksheet for Older Students

Does it break the fast? sorting activityDoes it break the fast? sorting activity

Things That Break the Fast Mobile

Here's a cute mobile to illustrate things that break the fast.  It was made by Umm Abdul Basir on our collaborative Islamic Bulletin Boards site.

 You can download the Things that Break the Fast Mobile at Islamic Bulletin Boards!!!!!

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