26 February 2017

Moon Phases Resources

Sherrie W

Moon Phase Diagram

I stumbled across this chart and I love it! I added the day numbers and it's perfect to show how the moon looks throughout the lunar month. You can visit my Pinterest pin to get the link to download it from. 

I made a few more printables to go with it to hang up on our Ramadan Bulletin Board. It includes the duaa for sighting the crescent moon of the new month.

All the elements can be downloaded from this post.

Moon Phase Crafts

Source: Sweetntreats.com

Moon Phase Fonts

Moon Phase Journals

TJ Ramadan Moon Phase Journals (for Shabaan and Ramadan Observations

Also check out my Moon Phases Pinterest Board for links to Moon Phase Journals ( you can also access it at the bottom of this page.

Tips for Keeping a Moon Phase Journal (NWF.org)

Moon Phases Lapbooks/Notebooking

  • As most of the old offsite notebooking page links, no longer work, you can find some notebooking pages on my Moon Phases Pinterest Board  (you can also access it at the bottom of this page.

    Moon Phase Learning Activities

    Here are some really handy lessons and learning activities I've come across to
    study the phases of the moon.

    Moon Phases PowerPoints

        Moon Phase Reference Sites

        Moon Phase Videos

        Moon Phase Worksheets

        My Moon Phases Pinterest Board

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