05 June 2016

Set and Attain Ramadan Goals

Sherrie W
You probably have the idea that you want you and your family to increase in ibaadah this Ramadan.

Setting some goals for yourself and family (and having the kids set personal goals for themselves) can help you do just that this Ramadan, inshaa Allah.  

Some sample goals:
  • Memorize a specific surah or ayaat
  • Memorize a hadith or ahadiths
  • Memorize a duaa (and learn what it means)
  • Memorize the Arabic alphabet
  • Read/recite the entire Quraan during Ramadan
  • Pray salaatul Taraweeh/Tahajjud/Witr etc every night
  • Establish the routine of saying certain duaas during the day
  • Establish the Rawatib prayers (voluntary prayers associated with the 5 daily prayers)
  • Study a specific book (such as Usooluth Thalaatha)
  • Memorize a certain number of the Names/Attributes of Allah

Have your kids develop a plan for accomplishing the goals, such as setting specific study times and durations, alarms, etc.

Here are a few Ramadan goal charts you can use or draw inspiration from:

I absolutely love this Ramadan goal sheet from Our Precious Sprouts

Ramadan Goal Chart (TJ, link updated 5/2018)
Suitable for adults or children, in shaa Allah. This one has space to devise a specific plan for how a goal can be reached, in shaa Allah.

 Ramadan Goal Chart - Kids (TJ, link updated 5/2018)

To help keep everyone on track and encouraged, in shaa Allah, have everyone report their progress daily in a Ramadan Family Meeting and discuss any difficulty (or success) that they are having. 

Other Ideas:
The year before last year, I cut out little ribbon templates and gave each family member one to write a goal on. I also printed out a trophy template for our family goals as a whole. Then, we hung each trophy/medal up on our Ramadan Bulletin board.

Ramadan Goals

You can find some ribbon templates here. I got the trophy template here.

May Allah allow you and your family to attain your Ramadan goals this year, ameen!

Sherrie W / Author & Editor

TJ Ramadan is maintained by Umm Ibrahim Samirah, an American Muslim homeschooling mom/stepmom of 10 who has been homeschooling since 1998.


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