03 June 2016

Things to Do During Ramadan 2: Study Usooluth Thalaatha

Sherrie W
I had been thinking about getting back to the basics with my older kids this Ramadan, in shaa Allah, and I stumbled across a free basics of Islam "Usooluth Thalaatha" workbook by the Salafi Centre of Manchester.

The workbook contains the Arabic text of the book, side by side with the English translation.  At the end of the workbook are questions which are labeled by sections so that you can go over the questions as you finish a section.

You can download the PDF workbook at the site, here, in shaa Allah: 

Sherrie W / Author & Editor

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  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
    What age would you do this with your children sis? Is 9 too young?

    1. wa alaykum us salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

      This book, Usooluth Thalaatha, was written specifically for children (while Thalaathatul Usool was written for adults) although I don't know specifically for the age range it was written for. I think you can do it with a 9 year old as far as the book is concerned and I thought most of the workbook questions were pretty straightforward and if not you could reword them if they did seem too advanced (or make up your own). And of course as you go through the book, you could reword what is said so that it is more understandable if need be. I was going to work on it with my teenagers but now that you bring up the age, I may work on it with my 11 year old as well. Children are different so what might be fine for one child may be too advanced for another child of the same age. It's a pretty short book and you can divide it up into more lessons/sections yourself if you did feel that your child needed more time to digest certain parts.


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