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Still Need Ramadan Learning/Activities for Kids This Ramadan? Check Out This Book!

If you are still wondering what you will do with the kids this Ramadan (or even for yourself), here's another suggestion: The "Fasting From Alif to Yaa" book, compiled by Umm Mujaahid Khadijah Bint Lacina al-Amreekeeyyah, who runs the Making the Most of Ramadhaan Class (which I highly recommend).
In it there are Ramadan/Islamic topics for each letter of the Arabic alphabet. For each letter, after a great "points of benefit" section (great for adult study), there is a "Family Time" activity such as learning about specific prophets. She's got the stories of several prophets in there and you could literally just sit down and read through the stories with your kids each day. After each story, there is a section of "Hands on Activities) that the kids can do (make a poster, book or craft). Many a day the past few Ramadans, this book was a "life saver" as I didn't have anything particular planned for the kids so I just picked up the book and read the stories. Some days even include recipes, it's really neat.

If you are interested, you can check it out/purchase the Kindle book here (affiliate link):

The book is also available in print form.


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