17 June 2015

Prevent Summer Math Slide This Ramadan

Sherrie W

Many homeschoolers will stop schooling of secular subjects during Ramadan and focus on increasing their ibaadah and learning more about their deen during Ramadan.

Yet others, may opt for a reduced secular load, but may still include activities in language and math.

Since Ramadan is in the summer this year (as it has been for the past several years), it coincides with that period that can often result in the summer slide (loss of academic skills over the summer break) and you may feel as if you still want your kids to do some kind of math work over the summer, even during Ramadan.

If so, I've rounded up a collection of summer math review packets that students can work on for just a little bit each day.

They are arranged by the year that the student has just completed, so for example, 1st grade resources are for kids that have just completed first grade.









Sites with  Multiple Grade Levels

In addition, I've got a few Ramadan Math themed activities/worksheets

Sherrie W / Author & Editor

TJ Ramadan is maintained by Umm Ibrahim Samirah, an American Muslim homeschooling mom/stepmom of 10 who has been homeschooling since 1998.


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