05 June 2015

Making the Most of Ramadhan Sisters' Class

Sherrie W
Making the Most of Ramadhaan Class1436

In sha Allah, Umm Mujaahid will be back with her sisters only Wiziq Making the Most of Ramadhaan class. I've attended this class for the past 2 or 3 Ramadans and it has been really beneficial.  Enrollment is now open for the class.

Description from the site:  29-day course Fasting from Alif to Yaa: The first class, Fasting from Alif to Yaa, begins at 10:00 AM CST. Taught by Umm Mujaahid, Khadijah Bint Lacina Al-Amreekeeyah, the class covers both religious and practical matters related to perfecting one's worship during Ramadhaan. Points addressed include: Taraaweeh prayers, supplications, beginning and breaking the fast, Zakaat Al-Fitr, safeguarding the limbs, heedlessness and controlling anger, having high aspirations, and much more. Based upon authentic knowledge from the Qur'aan and Sunnah with the explanation of the scholars. 
There is also a Quraan class which follows it, in shaa Allah.

If you have trouble finding the course at Wiziq , you may try contacting Umm Mujaahid at the Taalib al-Ilm Facebook page or visit the Taalib al-Ilm site (which is current undergoing maintenance and I'm not sure when it will be back up. 

This is the book that is used in the class. 

The first year I took the class, she provided us with the ebook for free, alhamdulillah. I do not remember if she did so in subsequent years. You can purchase the ebook through the link (affiliate) above.

About the book; (from the author)

"contains additional daily points of benefit to teach one how to live Islaam as a way of life. Plus, it contains stories of the Prophets and Messengers including activities for the whole family to enjoy and benefit from for each day of Ramadhaan. Some of the Prophets and Messengers covered include Aadam, Ibraaheem, Lut, Yusuf, Sulaymaan, Shu’ayb, Moosa, Zakariyyah, Muhammad, and more! As well as recipes for foods enjoyed by Muslims around the world."

It's a really neat book, it goes through each of the letters of the Arabic alphabet with a Ramadan/Islamic topic for each letter. Each topic has points of benefit, ideas for family time and recipes are scattered throughout.

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