22 July 2012

Ramadan Clocks

Talibiddeen Jr
My kids kept asking me what time does fajr come in (so they would know how much time left they had to eat) and of course, they are more keen to know when maghrib comes in, so I decided to make some Ramadan themed clockfaces to hang up so they could check for themselves. I laminated them with some cut up page protectors so that they could write the timing of fajr and maghrib in analog form and digital.

I am only using the fajr and maghrib ones as you can see, but I went ahead and made a clock for each of the five daily prayers in case others might like to post all the timings.  

Another great way, alhamdulillah, to incorporate secular studies (math) into Ramadan time.

Download Ramadan Prayer Clocks

Mini Prayer Clocks (title bubble letters) - these don't have a Ramadan banner but are smaller versions of the clocks for each prayer shown in the picture above.

Mini Prayer Clocks 2: (solid title font)

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