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TJ Ramadan Organizer

UPDATE: 1/18/2012: I spotted a typo on the Hijri Calendar Days of the Week poster, Wednesday (Al Arbia) was misspelled in Arabic. A corrected version can be downloaded in this pack: Hijri Calendar Reference Posters

A total remake of the 2006 TJ Ramdan Organizer, which is no longer available (due to a computer crash).

1. Updated Lite Version - Contains the organizer only, 10 MB; links to reading list will not work.

2. Complete Version  (does not contain the updated hijri page)(this contains the books from the Ramadan reading list, so it made the download large... 103 MB. It is zipped, so you will need a program such as WinZip, WinRar, or JZip to unzip it.

I. The Hijri Calendar.

Islamic Months.

Days of the Week.


Significant Days.

Moon Phase Reference Chart

Duaa Upon Sighting the Crescent Moon.

Approximate Dates of Islamic Observances.

II. Calendars.

Shabaan -Starts on Sunday.

Shabaan- Starts on Monday.

Shabaan - Starts on Tuesday.

Shabaan - Starts on Wednesday.

Shabaan - Starts on Thursday.

Shabaan - Starts on Friday.

Shabaan - Starts on Saturday.

Ramadan - Starts on Sunday.

Ramadan - Starts on Monday.

Ramadan - Starts on Tuesday.

Ramadan - Starts on Wednesday.

Ramadan - Starts on Thursday.

Ramadan - Starts on Friday.

Ramadan - Starts on a Saturday.

Shawwaal - Starts on Sunday.

Shawwaal - Starts on Monday.

Shawwaal - Starts on Tuesday.

Shawwaal - Starts on Wednesday.

Shawwaal - Starts on Thursday.

Shawwaal - Starts on Friday.

Shawwaal - Starts on a Saturday.

III. Reference Material.

Ramadan Reading List.

Juz Divisions.

Educating Children in Ramadan.

Ramadan Bulletin Board Ideas.

Proof for Fasting Ramadan.

Obligation of fasting.

Excellence of Fasting.

Elements of Fasting.

Recommendations of Fasting.


Break the Fast Hastily.

Breaking the fast with dates and water

Supplicating at time of breaking fast

Safeguarding the fast and Refraining from Excessive Food and Drink.

Things That Break The Fast.

Permissible Acts in Ramadan.

Those Permitted to break the fast.

Desirable Acts in Ramadan.

Diet During Ramadan.

Good Deeds Ideas.

Duaa for Host.

What is/When is Laylatul Qadr?.

Signs of Laylatul Qadr.

Laylatul Qadr Duaa.

Zakatul Fitr.

Preparing for Eid Prayer.

Eid Prayer.

Eid Greeting.

IV. Forms.

Ramadan Goals.

Ramadan Fasting Tracker.

Daily Ramadan Schedule.

Daily Quraan Reading.

Education Goals - Adult.

Educational Goals for Children.

Ramadan /Eid master task list.

Ramadan /Eid master shopping list.

Personal Ramadan Reading List.

Ramadan Meals Master Lists.

Ramadan Meal Plan.

Ramadan Recipes Index.

Ramadan/Eid Recipes.

Preparing for Eid Day - clothes.

Craft/Activity Ideas for Kids.

Ramadan Journal.


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